The following products are displayed in the tab entitled “Savings” :

  • Term deposits
  • Call deposits
  • Discounted Certificates of Deposit

The following details of the CLICK 24 Banking savings accounts selected are displayed on the page entitled Savings:

  • Status
  • Type
  • Name
  • Account Number
  • Available Balance/Outstanding Balance
  • Currency.


In details user can see specific account details as follows :

  • Branch where accounts were opened
  • Disbursement accounts
  • Interest rate applied to the products
  • Accounts for interest payment

The following details of for the selected current account are also shown by accessing the Last 10 transactions” and “Transaction history” links:

  • Details (booking text);
  • Value/value date; and
  • Amount.

The savings accounts are intended for saving, they are no current accounts.

Additionally, on the details page you will see link to the Transaction History, and also the link to the closing of deposit page. Here you can close the deposit/sell the DCD.