You can create a template to save basic data when making repeat payments to the same payee. You can create templates under the menu item "Create template". Select "Templates" from the menu to view all existing templates in a list.

Template creation:

For template creation user will select “Create template” in the left static menu. User has to define a payee IBAN for which that specific template will be used.

In addition, user will have to define the following data for that template :

  • Template name
  • Payee name (if beneficiary is not BCR)
  • Payee identification number (if beneficiary is not BCR)
  • Payee address (if beneficiary is not BCR)
  • Payment details
  • Amount

Template is saved after pressing the “Save” button.

Template overview:

Template overview presents a function that displays all saved templates in a list. In order to view this list, user will select “Templates” menu item from left static menu.

In the right side of the template list, associated actions are displayed as follows :

  • Detail: displays the template detail
  • Edit: allows user to change specific template details such as : Template name, Payment details, Amount
  • Delete:immediately deletes the selected template.