International payment orders – Interbank payment orders in foreign currency (towards accounts opened an banks in Romania and abroad)

This type of payment is user for transfers towards banks worldwide.

The data entering screen wil require the following information:

  • IBAN: the beneficiary account number
  • Beneficiary name and address
  • BIC/SWIFT code: the beneficiary bank SWIFT code can be obtained at
  • Beneficiary bank country, address and name: If you do not know the beneficiary bank BIC/SWIFT code 
  • National Clearing Code: some banks use these types of codes for an easyer identification.
  • Transfer amount: the amount you wish to transfer
  • Payment details (140 maximum allowed characters): in this field you may enter a transfer description.
    Allowed characters: A - Z , a - z , 0 - 9, / - ? : ( ) . , ’ + SPACE
  • Commission type: you may select one commission type from the drop-down list:
    • Beneficiary: the payment commissions will be charged to the beneficiary and will be deducted from the transferred amount. Thus the transferred amount will be diminished with the commisiion value if this commission type is selected.
    • Payer: the commissions will be charged entirely to the payer. In case this option is selected, in addition to the Payer and Beneficiary commission type (BCR commission) a fixed value commission will be added, which will cover the commission value charged by the coresponding banks in order to perform the transfer.
    • Payer and Beneficiary commission type will automaitically be selected without the option to change it; the BCR commissions are charged to the payer and the coresponding banks are craged to the beneficiary.

If the information is correct press the OK button. Before transaction signing you can visualize the applied transaction commissions by pressing the “Calculate fee” button. In order to finalize the transaction generate the Digital Signature (DS) code with the Token device and press “Send”.

In case you wish to modify the information, select the “Correct” button in order to go back to the setting payment order screen.

In order to perform a payment order, the payer and beneficiary accounts must be in the same currency.

Obtaining Digital Signatures (DS):

  • press the key on / off
  • type PIN code
  • on the device screen , following the "Apply" display  message , select key 3
  • in the first field enter the amount you want to transfer (the one inserted in the transaction of Internet Banking application) - without the comma (eg:   563,00 will be entered  56300) and hit key ◄ -long
  • in the second field enter the last four digits of the payer IBAN (eg. for IT31B060451XXXXXXX000005R89 – you will enter 0589) and hit key ◄ -long
  • The digital signature is displayed on the Token screen

Note: The maximum allowed limit for intra and interbank transfers in RON and foreign currency performed through Click 24 Banking BCR is 10.000 Euro/transaction or equivalend calculated at the RNB exchange quotation from that day.