Romania payment orders – interbank payment orders in RON, towards accounts opened at banks on Romania territory.

In case you wish to perform a payment order from a RON BCR account to an account opened at another banking institution, on Romania territory, the required transfer information are as follows:

  • Account number in IBAN format; the account towards you wish to perform the transfer
  • Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary CNP/CUI
  • Payment details: in this field you may enter a transfer description (bill number, customer ID, etc.).
  • Amount: the amount you wish to transfer.

If the information is correct, select the OK button; in the following page enter the Token generated transaction authorisation code for transaction signing, and press “Send”

In case you wish to modify the information, select the “Correct” button in order to go back to the setting payment order screen.

In order to perform a payment order, the payer and beneficiary accounts must be in the same currency.

Obtaining Digital Signatures (DS):

  • press the key on / off
  • type PIN code
  • on the device screen , following the "Apply" display  message , select key 3
  • in the first field enter the amount you want to transfer (the one inserted in the transaction of Internet Banking application) - without the comma (eg:   563,00 will be entered  56300) and hit key ◄ -long
  • in the second field enter the last four digits of the payer IBAN (eg. fot RO62RZBRxxxxxxxx08861392 – you will enter 1392) and hit key ◄ -long
  • The digital signature is displayed on the Token screen

Note: The maximum allowed limit for intra and interbank transfers in RON and foreign currency performed through Click 24 Banking BCR is 10.000 Euro/transaction or equivalend calculated at the RNB exchange quotation from that day.