Financial Status

The financial status page shows the following information:

After the login your

- last login;

- last transaction (with Token)
are displayed.

Account balance:

The account balance of all accounts which you are authorized to use in the Internet banking application.

This function is available for the following account types:

- Current
- Loan accounts
- Savings accounts

If you would like to activate any other type of account for use in the net banking application, please contact your personal bank clerk.

The following details of your Internet Banking accounts are displayed on the page entitled Financial status.

You can access all your accounts ( those you made available for Internet Banking) from here by clicking on the account number:

1. Status
2. Type
3. Name
4. Account Number
5. Available balance/Outstanding balance
6. Currency

For each account specific actions are displayed as links in the right side of the table (if applicable) as follows:

- Payment order - leads to setting of payment order screed with payer account prefilled
- Transaction history - leads to transaction history criteria setting for selected account