Payment Order

This function is accessible from accounts overview and accounts details where it is applicable.

The function is available for the following products :

- Current accounts
- Call deposit

When Payment order link is accessed, user has options as follows :

- Template name – if a saved template exists, it can be selected from the combo box.

- Supplier template – the user can choose a specific supplier for payment order execution

- Payee IBAN – User has the option of entering the payee IBAN

After the template is selected/IBAN filled, the user is displayed the setting of payment order screen.

The screen contains the following:

- template name if template was selected
- Payee IBAN
- Payee bank
- Payee name
- Payee Identification number
- Payee address
- Payment details
- Amount
- Execution date

If all settings are correct, user can proceed by pressing “Submit” button, or go back to previous page in order to make corrections by pressing “Back” button.