First login to Click 24 Banking (Internet Banking)

1. Fill in the User name and Password fields following the instructions below:



  • User name - represents the unique notion assigned to you by the bank which you can use to log in to your Internet Banking account. This is an 8-figure number available in the payment service agreement under the naming "Nume de Utilizator".
  • Password - depending on the option you choose (simplified authentication or authentication using a security device), the password you need to us is:
    • 1st scenario: the password sent by the bank via SMS, valid for 30 days
    • 2nd scenario: the code generated by the security device (eToken BCR or Token)

Click on the Login button.

2. After correctly filling in the fields mentioned above (User name and Password), you will be logged into your Internet Banking account (Click 24 Banking).



For an easier logging in process, we recommend you to choose a customized User name from the "Settings"/"Alias for User name" menu and activate the Simplified authentication.